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Virtual Gardening

  • What is Virtual Gardening?
  • What type of computer do I need?
  • What types of trees, flowers and other features can I put in my garden?
  • I can't get it to work!
  • Tutorial Movie(RealPlayer)
  • Recommended (non-virtual!) gardening links. (November 2, 1999)
  • Update to version 1.1b released! (August 25, 1999)

    Virtual Gardening was produced with the support of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry's Multimedia Content Association of Japan (MMCA) outside agency.

    The 3D computer graphics used in the tree growth simulation are based on the research of Professor Norishige Chiba of the Department of Computer Science at the Faculty of Engineering at Iwate University.

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    We were featured in the Kansai edition of the Yomiuri newspaper on April 4, 1999

    Our software was reviewed in the No. 2-10 edition of ASCII Weekly magazine (page 125).

    Tip: When shading areas of grass etc. you can click the right mouse button to bring up options such as changing the brush size and fill settings.

    Virtual Gardening is a revolutionary new software title that allows you to design your own personal virtual garden in stunning 3D graphics and then to simulate the growth of the trees in your garden with the passing of time.

    Not only this,but you can also watch the changes in seasons and weather as you take a 3D virtual walking tour around the garden you designed!

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