Minimum system requirements are as follows

Windows95, Windows98 or Windows NT4.0

On computers running Windows 95 version OSR2 or earlier the software has been designed to install the required Open GL modules automatically.

Processor: Pentium 150mhz or faster
Graphics: Ability to display 800x600 resolution in 32,000 colors or more (please note, the program will not work correctly in 256 or 16 color mode).

We recommend a Pentium II 266mhz or greater . While the software will work fine with a slower processor, the advanced nature of the 3D graphics may mean that you notice a lack of smoothness with slower processors during the walk through part of the program.

At a processor speed of 233 MMX Pentium you will begin to notice the effects of 'naturally walking' through the garden. Such effects will depend on the number of trees in your garden and the amount of other features you have added to the garden.

When viewing the garden from a fixed point rather than 'walking' through the garden you shouldn't notice any degradation of graphical performance due to the speed of your processor.

This software uses Open GL rather than Direct X to render its advanced graphics effects. You will notice a sharp improvement in performance if your graphics card is optimized for Open GL. Direct X is used only for the sound.

Memory: 64MB or more. You may need more memory depending on the design of your garden and the number of trees and other features you add to it.

Hard disk: Minimum 50 MB. You will need extra disk space if you wish to save the results of tree growth simulations in your garden.

Other: Mouse, sound device capable of playing WAVE files. (Sound adds to the experience of the virtual garden by giving you the sound of walking, wind, crows at sunset, cicadas, etc.) If you do not feel that these sounds will add to your virtual gardening experience the software will work fine without a sound card.

When you install the software you will need a CD-ROM drive in order to play the tutorial movie. The software does not require a CD-ROM drive during normal running, outside of installation.