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CD-ROM Titles: 365 Days in Tono city
The Colors and Seasons of Tono


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We are sorry but this software is currently only available for distribution in Japan. We are now investigating the possibility of distribution outside of Japan.

365 Days in Tono city (Japanese only)

Windows95/98/Macintosh CD-ROM (Windows NT is not supported)

Win: Pentium II 233MHz or faster, Memory: 32MB minimum (128MB or more recommended), Monitor: 24bit minimum, Windows compatible sound card.

Mac: Mac OS 8 or later, Power PC 604 or faster, 16MB or more of free memory (32 MB or more recommended), Monitor: minimum 32,000 colors, 4X or faster CD-ROM drive.

Price: 5,000 yen (tax and shipping not included)

Based on the idea of a "tear-off" calendar, this CD-ROM introduces the culture and scenery of Tono on a day by day basis. By spending just a little time each day we hope that you can come to feel a natural affection for Tono. This fun title includes panoramic movies, old folk tales and impressions of the modern-day Tono.

The Colors and Seasons of Tono

Windows/Macintosh CD-ROM

Win: Win95/98/NT�@Pentium75MHz or faster, Memory: 32MB minimum, Windows compatible sound card.

Mac: KanjiTalk 7.5.1 or later, 68LC040/25MHz or later, 15MB or more free memory, Monitor: 640x480 dots or more, 32,000 colors minimum, 4X or faster CD-ROM drive.

Price: ��3,000 (tax and shipping not included)

This CD-ROM brings together a collection of prize-winning photographs from a contest sponsored by Tono City. From the beautiful scenery to the people of Tono there are 124 stunning pictures for you to enjoy and appreciate the four seasons of Tono.

They are also available at the "Kaze no Oka" in Tono and the "Iwate Ginga Plaza" in Tokyo.

Please visit Tono City's web page for more details about the Tono Kaze no Oka.