Make decisions while you walk!
Everyone knows from watching TV and other sources that walking is good for you. It's also a fact that walking helps us to clear our thoughts and marshal our ideas. Managers usually make their decisions sitting in an office, but why not do this thinking while walking?
Walking machines for use at the home or office are now widely available. But walking in the same place soon loses its attraction and becomes boring.

Virtual Garden Walkthrough is a system designed to connect a walking machine to a computer to allow a virtual walk in a 3D computer graphics simulation. For today's internet executives this is the perfect tool for keeping fit and creative.

The system can be attached to walking machines made by Omron, among others, and can also be fitted to an aerobike.

The display uses a flat-panel display (e.g. plasma display) or other ordinary CRT display. The computer is an ordinary personal computer.

We have re-created the Motsuji Temple Paradise garden in Hiraizumi: famous for the Konjiki Temple in stunning 3D graphics. (Motsuji Temple has been destroyed and now exists only as part of history).

This system emulates a computer keyboard and can also be used to enjoy game software and other applications.

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System requirements