The computer is connected to the treadmill.
Walking through the relaxing 3D graphics you can lose weight and feel refreshed!
As you walk you'll find yourself thinking and your decision-making process enhanced.

Internet Executive

Burn that fat!

You can enjoy walking just as if you were outside.
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™™™™™™@This system can be used anywhere by anyone!@™™™™™™™
‘For busy managers. @‘For the health of your workers
‘For museum exhibits and demonstrations (we can also prepare 3D CD-ROMs for such applications: Ask!)
‘For hotel gyms. ‘For after-bath exercise at hot spring resorts.
‘For sports gyms. ‘For health centers. ‘For rehabilitation.
‘For people who can't exercise outdoors. ‘For people in need of exercise.
‘For healthy senior citizens.
Virtual Garden Walkthrough was sponsored by Iwate Prefecture and the Japanese Small and Medium Enterprise Agency "Amenity Computer Graphics" is a system for displaying computer graphics on the wall for the rehabilitative benefit of senior citizens