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For Windows95,Windows98,WindowsMe,Windows2000,WindowsNT4.0,

Virtual BonsaiVirtualBonsai

Enjoy growing bonsai trees on your computer.

Virtual Bonsai allows you to grow virtual bonsai trees from the comfort of your personal computer.
The bonsai tree grows over the course of time with the help of a sophisticated growth simulation.
You can grow your own bonsai tree by fertilizing, watering, pruning,
shaping the branches and taking measures against harmful insects and diseases.

Because the Bonsai are displayed in stunning 3D graphics you can work on them and appreciate them from every angle.
Bonsai pictures

Thanks to the adoption of OpenGL for 3D-graphics in the growing process,
you can enjoy looking at the bonsai tree from several points of view.
It is possible to output realistic bitmap images (BMP file) by ray-tracing, which can be used as a desktop picture for Windows or in emails etc.

For the detailed manual for Virtual Bonsai click here.

Plum sample Maple sample Pine sample Pine 13years
Plum sample
Maple sample
Pine sample
Pine 12years

Presently, these four kinds of tree types are sold exclusively.
Additional trees will be available soon for your virtual collection!!

Download of cultivation supplies (fertilizer,pesticide ) is here.Free! Go! supply page.