Virtual Garden Walkthrough
This software allows you to take a virtual walk through Japan's famous Motsuji Temple Paradise garden which was destroyed 770 years ago.
This area was developed during the cultural flowering seen during the golden three generations of the Fujiwara clan in Hiraizumi and is the place where Matsuo Basho wrote his famous haiku:「all that remains of warriors' dreams summer grass」

Developed using 3D computer graphics

This software was designed for the enjoyment of not only young people but also older generations.

The view changes with the four seasons. Snow falls, Cicadas sing. Relax and enjoy your virtual walkthrough.

Can be used with a standard computer. Special game hardware not required. Enjoy at work or at home!

You can also enjoy walking through your own gardens made with our companion software title: "Virtual Gardening".
Virtual Garden Walkthrough Garden Gallery: "3 Famous Japanese Gardens".
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