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If you experience an application error and the application quits please turn off the 3D acceleration on your graphics card.

Recent graphics cards show 3D graphics through hardware installed on the card rather than through software for improved performance. This is what is known as '3D hardware acceleration'.

However, each manufacturer uses a different type of acceleration, and some methods conflict with this software and cause it to quit. This problem is becoming more frequent with the growing development of 3D (especially Open GL) cards.

In order to solve this problem, please open the Windows 'System' Control Panel and choose the 'Performance' tab. Click the 'Graphics' button at the bottom of the screen and then move the 'Hardware acceleration' slider to 'None'.

You can then experiment by moving the bar one step at a time to the right, rebooting your computer and running the Virtual Bonsai software. This will allow you to find the optimum setting for the software.

We also recommend that you experiment with the Open GL settings in the 'Display' control panel (You may not have these settings depending on the graphics chip in your computer) in order to achieve the best results with this software.

Please ask about your questions to the following E-mail. (English or Japanese Only)

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