Non-virtual Bonsai Links!

Kevin Wilson's Bonsai page

Bonsai Carl's Japanese Garden

Bonsai Critique - discussion of featured trees.

Bonsai Forum
Discussion of how to care for bonsai, recommendations for appropriate selections, sources for plants and more.

Bonsai in Asia Guide Book
Clickable map of Asia with information about bonsai in each region.

Bonsai Mailing List
Discussion of the art and craft of Bonsai and related art forms

Bonsai Primer
By Allen Roffey, a guide for beginners.

The Bonsai Site
Detailed introduction to the art, hobby and horticultural practice, Including history, gallery, simple and advanced techniques, FAQs and more.

Bonsai Styling & Advice Corner
Several trees with typical problems offered for thoughts and advice.

Bonsai Web
Includes marketplace, virtual bonsai show, forum and more.

Colin Lewis Bonsai Art
Pictures of bonsai works of art plus illustrated techniques, advice,
recommended books and videos and more.

Ernie Kuo's Bonsai Page
Photos and stories of individual bonsai.